Kent and Sussex Geotechnical Ltd

We are an independently owned company specialising in the delivery of complex ground engineering and geo-environmental solutions across Kent, Sussex and the south east of England.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe that the key to delivering a successful project is listening to our Customers. If we understand what your end-goal is and what is important to you then we can tailor our approach to suit your needs.

what we do

We undertake work for a variety of clients including Contractors, Private and Commercial Developers, Domestic Clients, as well as local authorities and other organisations. We are able to locally deliver specialist works for National Infrastructure providers and Tier 1 & 2 Contractors.

With an emphasis on technical excellence, innovation and constructible solutions, we are committed to delivering works safely, on time and to budget without negatively impacting on our Environment.

Whether you have a specific ground related problem, are looking to deliver an existing scheme or if your project is still at the concept and planning stage; we can help you get out of the ground. With a free site appraisal, we offer construction advice and will help you tackle the challenges of engineering below ground. We understand how to help you deliver your project.

Who We Work For

We work for a range of different companies and organisations.

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Get your free site appraisal or no obligation quote today!

Get your free site appraisal or no obligation quote today!

why ks geo?

At Kent and Sussex Geotechnical, we assess each project separately and because we are not reliant on selling a particular product or service, we can make recommendations based on merit and what we consider to be the best solution for your needs. With low operating costs and local expertise, we can pass these savings to our Customers.

We have experience in project delivery across a range of sectors and have worked for a variety of Clients.

How can we help you?



If you’ve got big plans and challenging ground conditions, let us help you. We can help you to overcome the planning hurdles and kick start your project. We can deal with environmental and ground related planning restrictions and help you to gain approval and release funds for the next stage of your project.



If you are working on a cutting edge design for a customer and you are unsure on the technical feasibility of an idea or you want advice on overcoming a ground related challenge then speak to us.
We can help you overcome the technical challenges and make your creative ideas a reality.

Domestic Clients

You might have an idea for making some changes to your property and you are unsure of how to deal with the ground or you are daunted by what you may find when you start digging, then speak to us. We can offer advice and bespoke solutions for a variety of ground related issues that you might experience when making changes to your property.

Contractors & Builders

You’ve got a great team around you but you are faced by complex problems with the ground or you simply need a specialist, then speak to us. We can help you to manage your risk and ensure that your project stays on track.


Local Authorities, asset owners and regulatory bodies

Have you got an emergency situation to deal with or a ground related issue? If you need a specialist to maintain an asset, let us help you to fix it and restore order to your infrastructure.


Consultants and Advisers

Let us construct what you have created. We understand the ground and know how this interacts with the environment around us. We offer a full suite of geotechnical and environmental construction techniques to help you deliver your project on site.


Project Managers

Does your Client have a specific issue that needs to be dealt with? Have they got unstable ground? Don’t know where to start? Speak to us for some expert opinion and innovative solutions.